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Shannon [userpic]
by Shannon (n_e_v_e_r)
at June 24th, 2006 (06:28 pm)

so i have much enjoyed watching re runs of one tree hill on sundays now. Forgot some episodes. if u no anyone with a good icon site please message me!! i <3 oth icons

Shannon [userpic]
by Shannon (n_e_v_e_r)
at May 8th, 2006 (11:07 am)

hey . its been ages since i have updated and id just like to say. OMFG the season finale was thee best thing ever.
the acting and everything was just awesome. in particular, i loved brooke in all her scenes, in the scene with lucas after she finds out about the kiss between him and peyton in the library was my favourite.
it seemed like she was really yelling at him and crying for real, possibly becuase it was reflecting the real situation between them, if he really did cheat on her or not.
i wonder who wrote murderer on dans wall..lindsay has an idea of who it might be. im not so certain shes right tho.
i hope that brooke and peytons friendship goes back to normal or peyton will be another pointless character like she became when her real mother came back to town. she has to do something in the show, considering in season 1 she was one of the main characters.
i thought it was really tacky how karen wore red to hayleys wedding when the brides maids dresses were red and how the flowers didn't match at all wit the dresses. it should have been white flowers of choice and with a few red roses to accent the dresses (mayn that sounded gay)
but it needed to be done.

Shannon [userpic]
by Shannon (n_e_v_e_r)
at March 6th, 2006 (09:23 pm)

can u even believe that one tree hill is taking another break? this time 3 weeks?
its so weird how shows take a week, show an intense, important episode and then its like boom another 3 weeks. soo yea march 22nd? is it back? i think so..
well thats the same week as prison break<333 all my shows starting back up
cant wait:D

_con_nie_ [userpic]
by _con_nie_ (_con_nie_)
at March 6th, 2006 (09:22 pm)

alright, so i guess no one will join this thing.
fine. your all missing out!! :P
anyways. i guess i'll just let shannon know,
that this episode...is so possible.
seeing as how at my soccer wind up on sunday
my friend tells me that sumone at her school brought a gun!!
to school of course...and then shot someone!!
so yes. if that person had watched one tree hill..
maybe they would have learned from it..or
atleast realized the reprecussions...
or..they could have gotten more ideas...
haha. either way. just a thought.

Shannon [userpic]
by Shannon (n_e_v_e_r)
at March 4th, 2006 (12:35 am)



Shannon [userpic]
by Shannon (n_e_v_e_r)
at March 2nd, 2006 (07:47 pm)

so last nights episode..(researches name of episode)..."With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept "..yes that one. wow i dont even no the name of that intense episode..pathetic.
haha anyways
so a student..Jimmy Edwards brings a gun to the school.
It was so intense like how they didn't have the themem song ( saw that coming ) and like it was all "parental discression is advised" it creeped me out.
Someone else i no who often mocks the show said that they thought it was horrible that they were using a tragedy like "Columbine" as a subject for the entertainment of the viewers. he said that he can understand how southpark mocks it, or how they make documentaries about it, but one tree hill went too far by using that situation. I disagreed of course, never really thinking about it...What do you think?
do u think the writers went to far by using a story line like this?


_con_nie_ [userpic]
by _con_nie_ (_con_nie_)
at March 2nd, 2006 (07:37 pm)

WOW..ok so this has finally been created
now we can talk and psychoticaallly discuss One tree hill..
its characters..
and yah.
im excited.
everyone join.
this is sweet.

Shannon [userpic]
by Shannon (n_e_v_e_r)
at March 2nd, 2006 (07:36 pm)

Hey! wow.
okay me and mon ami connie. being all obsessed with the oth and all, decided to start this community so that we can discuss one tree hill.
feel free to join, and post and be opinionated.
we will probly post some pics, probly not display pics tho becuase people freak out if u dont credit them and i dont want to take the time to do that.

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